Recent talks at conferences

Giuseppe Rodriguez

G. Rodriguez.
Recovering the electromagnetic features of the subsoil via linear and nonlinear models.
ICIAM 2019 - International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics, MS FT-S-4 - Computational Methods for Inverse Problems, Valencia, Spain, July 15-19, 2019.

A. Concas, R. Dessì, C. Fenu, G. Rodriguez, and M. Vanzi.
Photometric stereo under unknown lights position.
Recent Advances in Scientific Computation - ETNA25, Santa Margherita di Pula (Cagliari, Italy), May 27-29, 2019.

G. Deidda, P. Díaz De Alba, G. Rodriguez, and G. Vignoli.
Smooth and sparse inversion of EMI data from multi-configuration measurements.
IEEE-RTSI 2018, $ 4^{\text{th}}$ International Forum on Research and Technology for Society and Industry, Technical Session on Advances Numerical Modeling, Palermo (Italy), September 10-13, 2018.

G. Rodriguez.
New and not so new methods for estimating a regularization parameter.
INdAM intensive period: Computational Methods for Inverse Problems in Imaging (CMIPI 2018), Como, July 16-18, 2018.

G. Rodriguez.
Regularization parameter determination in the numerical solution of first kind integral equations.
SIMAI 2018, Minisymposium MS-20 - Numerical Methods for Integral Equations and Applications, Roma, July 2-6, 2018.

G. Deidda, P. Díaz De Alba, C. Fenu, G. Rodriguez, and G. Vignoli.
Improving sharpness in geophysical imaging by TV-based regularization.
SIAM Conference on Imaging Science, Minisymposium on Numerical Linear Algebra Techniques for Image Restoration and Reconstruction (MS34), Bologna (Italy), June 5-8, 2018.

G. Rodriguez.
Numeri dappertutto: la matematica nella società.
SulciScienza, idee per la cultura, per la società, per la scienza, Carbonia, November 13-19, 2017.

G. Deidda, P. Díaz De Alba, G. Rodriguez, and G. Vignoli.
A relaxed Gauss-Newton algorithm for low frequency EM data inversion with applications in geophysics.
SIAM Conference on Mathematical and Computational Issues in the Geosciences, Minisymposium on Mathematical and computational advances in geoelectromagnetic forward and inverse modelling (MS68, MS78), Erlangen (Germany), September 10-14, 2017.

C. Mannu, G. Rodriguez, and M. Vanzi.
Capitolo II. Rilievo 3D non a contatto: tecniche speciali per l'arte rupestre.
Presentazione del volume: Nuove tecniche di documentazione e di analisi per una ricostruzione delle società dalla fine del V al III millennio a.C. A cura di Giuseppa Tanda, Editore Condaghes. Cittadella dei Musei ``Giovanni Lilliu'', Cagliari, March 31, 2017.

G. Rodriguez.
Come faremmo senza matematica?
Festival della Scienza ``La Scienza che unisce i popoli'', Cagliari, November 8-13, 2016.

G. Rodriguez.
Large scale computation of the trace of a matrix function.
International Workshop on Applied Mathematics & Quantum Information, Cagliari, November 3-4, 2016.

R. Dessì, C. Mannu, G. Rodriguez, G. Stocchino, G. Tanda, and M. Vanzi.
3D restoration of prehistoric petroglyphs by photometric stereo.
SIMAI 2016, Minisymposium MS-31: New Mathematical Trends in Imaging, Milano, September 13-16, 2016.

M. Bellalij, E. Cannas, A. Concas, C. Fenu, D. Martin, R. Reichel, G. Rodriguez, H. Sadok, and T. Tang.
Efficient computation of complex networks metrics by block Gauss quadrature rules.
$ 20^{\text{th}}$ ILAS Conference 2016, Minisymposium on Matrix Methods in Network Analysis, KU Leuven, Belgium, July 11-15, 2016, 2016.

G. Rodriguez.
A survey of inverse problems relevant in applied geophysics.
Opening Meeting for the Research Project GNCS 2016 ``PING - Inverse Problems in Geophysics'', Florence, Italy, April 6, 2016.

R. Dessì, C. Mannu, G. Rodriguez, G. Stocchino, G. Tanda, and M. Vanzi.
Shape reconstruction by photometric stereo with unknown lighting.
SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra 2015, MS14 Recent Advances in Numerical Linear Algebra for Image Processing, Hyatt Regency, Atlanta, USA, October 26-30. Available online, 2015.

M. Bellalij, C. Fenu, R. Reichel, G. Rodriguez, and H. Sadok.
Approximating the trace of a matrix function via partial global block lanczos decomposition.
XX Congresso U.M.I., Sezione S12: Algebra lineare numerica e ottimizzazione, Siena, Italy, September 7-12, 2015.

M. E. Hochstenbach, L. Reichel, and G. Rodriguez.
The COSE method for the regularization of linear discrete ill-posed problems.
Two Days on Applied Mathematics in Cagliari, Italy, April 9-10, 2015.

G. Deidda, C. Fenu, and G. Rodriguez.
On a nonlinear inverse problem in electromagnetic sounding.
Structured Numerical Linear and Multilinear Algebra: Analysis, Algorithms and Applications, Kalamata, Greece, September 8-12, 2014.

J. Baglama, C. Fenu, R. Reichel, and G. Rodriguez.
Low-rank approximation methods for ranking the nodes of a complex network.
2014 SIAM Annual Meeting, MS30 Innovative Linear Algebra Techniques for Complex Networks, The Palmer House, Chicago, USA, July 7-11, 2014.

M. Vanzi, R. Mannu, C. Dessì, , G. Rodriguez, and G. Tanda.
Recent improvements in photometric stereo for rock art 3D imaging.
Documenting Prehistoric Parietal Art: Recently Developed Digital Recording Techniques, Cambridge, U. K., May 21-22, 2014.

G. Tanda, M. Vanzi, C. Mannu, G. Rodriguez, and R. Dessì.
Photometric stereo for 3D mapping of carvings and relieves: case studies on prehistorical art in Sardinia.
XVII Seminário Internacional de Arte Rupestre de Mação, Mação, Portugal, April 9-10, 2014.

J. Baglama, C. Fenu, R. Reichel, and G. Rodriguez.
Fast ranking of nodes on digraphs.
Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Linear Algebra (VDM60), Cagliari, September 2-5, 2013.

G. Deidda, C. Fenu, and G. Rodriguez.
Regularized solution of linear and nonlinear problems in electromagnetic sounding.
2013 SIAM Conference on Mathematical and Computational Issues in the Geosciences, Minisymposium on Recent Regularization Methods for Subsurface Prospection and Remote Sensing (MS86), Padova, June 17-20, 2013.

C. Fenu, D. Martin, R. Reichel, and G. Rodriguez.
Fast computation of centrality indices in complex networks.
New Frontiers in Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing, Kent, Ohio, U.S.A., April 19-20, 2013.

C. Fenu and G. Rodriguez.
Valutazione di funzioni matriciali con applicazioni alle reti complesse.
Due giornate di Matematica Applicata, Cagliari, October 16-17, 2012.

C. Fenu, D. Martin, L. Reichel, and G. Rodriguez.
Fast ranking of nodes on a network with respect to $ f$-subgraph centrality.
Structured Numerical Linear and Multilinear Algebra. Problems Analysis, Algorithms, and Applications, KU Leuven, Belgium, September 10-14, 2012.

L. Reichel and G. Rodriguez.
Confronto di vecchie e nuove tecniche per la determinazione di un parametro di regolarizzazione discreto.
Due Giorni di Algebra Lineare Numerica, Genova, February 16-17, 2012.

C. Fenu and G. Rodriguez.
Inversion of electromagnetic data.
Foundations of Computational Mathematics, Workshop on Numerical Linear Algebra, Budapest, Hungary, July 4-14, 2011.

G. Rodriguez.
A new criterion for choosing the regularization parameter in TSVD and iterative methods.
SIMAI 2010, Minisymposium on Analytical and Numerical Methods for Applied Inverse Problems, Cagliari, June 21-25, 2010.

G. Rodriguez.
Designing a library for structured linear algebra computation: solution of linear systems.
16th Conference of the ILAS, Minisymposium on Structured Matrices, Pisa, June 21-25, 2010.

G. Rodriguez.
Numerical effectiveness of the Reginska criterion in TSVD and iterative methods.
IPCA10 - Inverse Problems: Computation and Applications, CIRM Luminy, France, May 31-June 4, 2010.

Giuseppe Rodriguez