Scientific School
Advanced numerical techniques for inverse problems,
with applications in imaging science and applied geophysics
Cagliari, July 17-21, 2017


Main Course (20 hrs)
Title: Numerical Linear Algebra for Discrete Ill-Posed Problem.
Instructor: Lothar Reichel, Kent State University, USA.
Timetable: Monday to Friday, 9:00-12:30

It is the aim of this course to provide the background of Numerical Linear Algebra needed to successfully
solve discrete ill-posed problems. Exercises, that include programming in MATLAB, complement the course.

Short courses (3 hrs each)

  • Title: Iterative thresholding algorithms for sparse reconstructions with application to image deblurring.
    Instructor: Marco Donatelli, University of Insubria, Italy.
    Timetable: Monday, 14:30-17:30

  • Title: Enhancing sparsity beyond convexity: applications to the restoration of barcode images and
    segmentation of medical images.

    Instructor: Fiorella Sgallari, University of Bologna, Italy.
    Timetable: Tuesday, 14:30-17:30

  • Title: Regularization in functional Banach spaces for image restoration and subsurface prospecting.
    Instructor: Claudio Estatico, University of Genova, Italy.
    Timetable: Wednesday, 14:30-17:30

  • Title: Stochastic methods for the solution of inverse problems.
    Instructor: Daniel Gerth, TU Chemnitz, Germany.
    Timetable: Thursday, 14:30-17:30

  • Title: Some examples of inverse problems in geophysics.
    Instructor: Giulio Vignoli, University of Cagliari, Italy.
    Timetable: Friday, 14:30-17:30


  • Title: Vector extrapolation and ill-posed problems
    Instructor: Hassane Sadok, Université du Littoral, France.