Scientific School
Advanced numerical techniques for inverse problems,
with applications in imaging science and applied geophysics
Cagliari, July 17-21, 2017


  • Title: A spectral algorithm for the seriation problem with application in archaeology
    Anna Concas, Caterina Fenu, and Giuseppe Rodriguez

  • Title: Identifying the magnetic permeability in multi-frequency em data inversion
    Gian Piero Deidda, Patricia Diaz de Alba , and Giuseppe Rodriguez.

  • Title: Convex-Nonconvex Segmentation over Surfaces
    Martin Huska , Alessandro Lanza, Serena Morigi, and Fiorella Sgallari

  • Title: Inverse problems for the fractional diffusion equation
    Nataliia Kinash and Jaan Janno

  • Title: Improving the accuracy of image-based hemodynamic parameter estimation
    David Nolte

  • Title: Single stage reconstruction in quantitative photoacoustic tomography
    Markus Haltmeier, Lukas Neumann, and Simon Rabanser

  • Title: Schilling test for the two sample problem with image data
    Malena Sabatè Landman

  • Title: An adaptive partition of unity method for PDE's, based on radial basis functions
    Stefano De Marchi, Elisabeth Larsson, and Danilo Stocchino

  • Title: Extrapolation techniques for ART methods
    Per Christian Hansen, Michela Redivo Zaglia, and Gabriele Stocchino