My research lies in Numerical Analysis. In particular, my main research interest is in the numerical treatment for inverse problems and is focused on, but not limited to, image restoration in applied Geophysics. This research involves the application of techniques concerned with numerical linear algebra, optimization, and the solution of these inverse problems. Over the past few years, I have worked on different mathematical models including regularization methods, ill-posed problems, and numerical and computational methods for integral and partial differential equations.
More recently, my research has expanded in the resolution of Fredholm integral equations by gaussian and anti-gaussian quadrature rules.
At present, my research activity is also carried out in the context of the analysis of the spread of fake news through space-time evolution, deterministic and stochastic mathematical models with or without delay, continuous or discrete, used in the epidemiological field to describe the diffusion of a virus or disease. Specifically, numerical modeling for such problems (whose strong non-linearity, in general, does not allow an exact integration) will be the key to understanding the dynamics and timing of the spread of fake news, as well as the times for restoring the truth. In particular, the research activity involves the study, definition and validation of deterministic and stochastic mathematical models of evolution (for example, ordinary differential equations, partial differential, fractional, delayed, integral equations) and the corresponding numerical modeling, also considering real parameters in the model.

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