1. 2020 DAAD Research Grants - Short-Term Grants, 2020.
  2. Research project: Development of a geophysical inversion algorithm towards a constrained inversion of EMI data.
    Principal Investigator: Patricia Díaz de Alba
  3. 2019 9th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics - ICIAM 2019 “Financial Support Program”.
  4. Partecipation to the conference.
    Responsible: Patricia Díaz de Alba
  5. 2014 INdAM–GNCS.
  6. Partecipation to the Summer School “Computational Electromagnetism”, Cetraro (Italy)
    Responsible: Patricia Díaz de Alba
  7. 2014–2017 University of Cagliari.
  8. PhD grant (3 years)

    Thesis directions

  1. Un’interfaccia grafica per l’inversione di dati EMI in geofisica applicata.
  2. Author: Gabriele Lovicu.
    BSc Electronic and Electronical Engineering.
    Co-supervised with Prof. Giuseppe Rodriguez.
  3. Influenza delle caratteristiche magnetiche del terreno nell’electromagnetic sounding a bassa frequenza.
  4. Author: Rita Delussu.
    BSc Electronic and Electronical Engineering.
    Co-supervised with Prof. Giuseppe Rodriguez.

    Organization of conferences and schools

  1. Challenges and Advances in Numerical Analysis (CANA23), Cagliari (Italy), June 5–9, 2023.
  2. Website:
  3. Recent Advances in Scientific Computation (ETNA25), Santa Margherita di Pula (Italy), May 27–29, 2019.
  4. Website:
  5. International Workshop on Analysis and Numerical Approximation of Singular Problems IWANASP18, Cagliari (Italy), September 4–6, 2018.
  6. Website:
  7. Scientific School Advanced numerical techniques for inverse problems, with applications in imaging science and applied Geophysics, Cagliari (Italy), July 17–21, 2017.
  8. Website:

    Participation National Groups

    Member of Research group “Post-graduate Researchers in Inverse problems, Machine learning, and Optimization” (PRIMO).
    Member of INdAM-GNCS (National Group for Scientific Computing of the National Institute for Advanced Mathematics, Italy).

    Referee activity

    Applied Numerical Mathematics
    BIT Numerical Mathematics
    Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk
    Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS).
    IEEE Transactions on Geoscience & Remote Sensing.
    Inverse Problems
    Mathematical Geosciences
    International Journal of Remote Sensing and Remote Sensing Letters.